Starburst Airs Market

STARBURST is celebrating its newest innovation – STARBURST Airs Gummies – by hosting a one-day experiential pop-up, STARBURST Airs Market, in the LA area.

The all-inflated market experience will give visitors a break from the mundane and a wonder-filled take on traditional shopping, including:

  • A made-for-social-sharing inflated aesthetic, including two STARBURST Airs inflatable moments in-store, and a STARBURST Airs mural on the side of the building.
  • Inspired by the product’s essence of being “inflated with flavor”, the market-like experience is stocked with inflatable food and household essentials designed to be squeezed, touched – and of course, photographed!
  • A first taste of STARBURST Airs Gummies before they hit shelves nationwide in April!

IMPORTANT: to gain entry, attendees must be 16 or older, unless accompanied by an adult, and will be required to adhere to local COVID restrictions, including wearing a mask while inside the market, capacity restrictions and social distancing.


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Date: Saturday, Mar 5, 2022
Time: 10:00AM
Price: FREE


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