Come to Thinkspace Gallery and see the exhibit “At the Crack of Dawn”

Thinkspace Projects is presenting a new solo exhibition from Italian artist, Millo “At the Crack of Dawn”. This is Millo’s fourth solo show and U.S. solo debut. He’s bringing a bit of new Italian culture to Thinkspace gallery in West Adams.

This exhibition is built around the around the fleeting point in time just before waking when everything is whimsical and the lines between dreams and reality are blurred.

“Origin” by Millo /

“Just before the beginning of a new day, there’s a fleeting moment where dreams remain alive. All my new works come from there, as unconscious feelings passed through the haze of the shadow till the glimpse of light, shaping what is silent.” Millo says.

This past year was challenging, scary and dark. That initial shock of being scared and stuck gave Millo time to reconnect with his own imagination, and focus on what people globally were simultaneously doing: dreaming.


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The exhibition is a collection of works in his signature predominantly black and white style. Millo creates the moment just before waking in a series of breathtaking scenes with the friendly inhabitants of each scene floating above their urban settings displaying a blend of dream and reality.


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His characters are huge and clumsy and have to adapt to an urban habitat with new ways of living.

“At the Crack of Dawn” is open until May 22nd.


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About Millo:

Millo is an Italian street artist. His full name is Francesco Camillo Giorgino and he was born in 1979. He has become an icon and he’s known for his simple black and white lines and for his predominantly black and white large-scale murals found the world over. His characters are often child-like. He has taken part in several street art festivals and NGO art events all around the world.

Millo /

You can see his murals in USA, Canada, Russia, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Polynesia, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, UK, Netherland, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark , Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Belarus, Hungary, Ukraine, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, and Italy.

His works have been exhibited in Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, Florence and more.

His works on canvas are also part of two permanent exhibitions : Urban Nation Museum of Contemporary Art in Berlin, and Straat Museum for Graffiti and Street Art in Amsterdam.

“Italian artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, known as Millo, paints large-scale murals that feature friendly inhabitants exploring their urban setting. He uses simple black and white lines with dashes of color when necessary, and often incorporates elements of architecture into his multi-story paintings.” – C. Jobson, Colossal.

“Sometimes coyly surreal, other times borderline terrifying” – K. Brooks, Huffington Post

Date: May 1, 2021 – May 22, 2021


  • Tuesday 12PM-6PM
  • Wednesday 12PM-6PM
  • Thursday 12PM-6PM
  • Friday 12PM-6PM
  • Saturday 12PM-6PM


See you there!

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