Gabriella Sanchez: Partial Pictures at The Museum of Latin American Art

The Museum of Latin American Art presents Gabriella Sanchez’s “Partial Pictures,” her first solo exhibition. Sanchez is one of the most exciting and relevant Latina artists in the contemporary Los Angeles art scene.

Her creative world is the result of layers of questions that emerge from her city of Los Angeles and her family’s archive, loaded with an aesthetic and subjective substance to be discovered.

Through the connection of the power of words, linking with photographs as a fragment of reality and an imaginary of identity and memory, the artist chooses and develops an intimate inflection that depicts the categories that occur around culture and urban experiences. Sanchez explores forms of communication, mixing her concerns about social and political psychology with the binary definitions surrounding gender, race, and migration, where the statement is a central element of her work that we can find in each piece that she creates with humor and critical vision.

From a video performance Baile Final and her inspiration from Edgar Degas in First and Second, to a powered flag recollecting memories and voices about civil rights, sculptures with hopeful messages surrounded by chains, and her younger sister and friends immersed in their dreams but looking directly at the camera, the artist decodes the complex vocabulary of our times, reconfiguring the new meanings of signs, roots, and gestures with a radical sensibility.

Gabriella Sanchez (b.1988) ) is a self-directed learner, a fan of sci-fi, and a multidisciplinary artist. You can read all about Gabriella HERE!

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Date: AUGUST 22, 2021 – JANUARY 2022



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