LA River Kayaks 2021

Kayaking the Los Angeles River is the perfect summer activity to do with some friends, family members, colleagues, a partner, or solo.

Nature, water and sun – the perfect trio that will get your spirits up!

Whether you are a beginner or expert kayaker, LA River Kayaks got you covered. Kayaks, paddles, vests, helmets, water protector for your phone, to one on one instructions they have it all. They rent kayaks to those over 18 and for those who can swim 10 and up with a parent or guardian.

They offer two trips:

  • Standard trip
  • Experienced trip (Advanced Experience Tickets HERE!)
  • Standard: The standard trip consists of a 1.1-miles that will take 45 minutes – 1 hour to complete.
  • Experienced: The experienced trip consists of a 2.5-miles that will take 2 hours to complete.

You can get your tickets HERE!

How does it work?

First: Book a time you want to kayak

Second: Show up at your designated time slot fill out some waivers, grab a helmet, vest and paddle to your liking.

Third: Once you have all your equipment we will walk you down near the entrance point at 2900 Clearwater Street to which you will be greeted by a staff member at Los Angeles River Kayaks. From there you will be given a brief demonstration on how to paddle, some history of the river, and then some assistance with helping you into your kayak.

* Note a staff member will always be there throughout your journey to ensure safety and maximum fun

Fourth: After you go through some small but challenging rapids you will enter what we call a “chill point”. To which you are free to paddle around and soak in the sounds of birds chirping and water flowing.

Fifth: You will then go through another set of rapids which are a little more challenging than the last.

Finally: Towards the end of your trip which at that point will be a little over a mile downstream we will wave you down pick up your kayaks, vests, and helmets.

For more info visit their Website, send them an-email at [email protected] or call on 213-952-9723!

Date: Sat, August 21, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM PDT
Price: $37.50

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