Odyssey Theatre Ensemble presents Ghosts

Odyssey Theatre Ensemble presents acclaimed British director Richard Eyre‘s stunning new adaptation of Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen.

Eyre illuminates Ibsen’s masterpiece, seen as a scandalous work when it was first performed in 1882, with fresh poetry and dark humor.

Helene Alving has spent her life suspended in an emotional void after the death of her cruel but outwardly charming husband. She is determined to escape the ghosts of her past by telling her son, Oswald, the truth about his father. But on his return from his life as a painter in France, Oswald reveals how he has already inherited the legacy of Alving’s dissolute life. This emotional shocker, adapted by British director Richard Eyre, cuts the running time to 90 minutes, resulting in a beautifully tight dramatic structure. It’s a fluid and colorful adaptation, updating Ibsen’s prose for the contemporary stage.

  • Written by Henrik Ibsen
  • Adapted by Richard Eyre
  • Directed by Bart DeLorenzo

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Date: Sep 16, 2022 (Sep 4, 2022 – Oct 23, 2022
Time: 8:00PM – 4:00PM (More info HERE!)
Price: $25-$40; Monday nights: Pay What You Will
Phone: +13104772055

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