Rooftop Cinema Club


Rooftop Cinema Club is dedicated to transform nights at the movies to cinematic events like no other. Bring your friends and loved ones, and they’ll bring you city skylines, sunsets, starlit evenings, awesome drinks, delicious food, and great movies on the big screen. Driven by their love of film, they promise a handpicked curation of cults, classics, and new releases. They stand for social cinema because they believe it’s the future.

Their locations drop you in the heart of your city’s most immersive skylines. Doors open early before the screening, so you can enjoy all the elements of our experience during the most beautiful times – golden hour, sunset and dusk. The movie begins after the sun goes down, just as the stars are coming out and the city lights are starting to twinkle. Outdoor movies have never looked so great.

Ever missed that key plot-line because the person behind you was eating their popcorn too loudly? It won’t happen here since you will get state-of-the-art wireless headphones so you can live in those memorable cinematic moments, and not get disturbed by the outside world. Now that’s cinema.

Their deckchairs, with adjustable seat heights and plenty of leg room, allow you to lean back and relax under the night sky. They offer two kinds of deckchairs – lounge seats for one or love seats for two (perfect for date night).

Their program features everything from cult films, to classics, to new releases. To make it extra special, they curate a monthly set of events with unique elements. Think games, prizes, talent Q&As, movie premieres, sing-a-longs and more. Check out the special events section at your chosen location to learn more.

Every location is complete with a food menu and a full bar featuring refreshing cocktails, beer and wine. Their box office is also stocked with classic movie snacks, candy and popcorn.

Check out their program HERE, find your favorite movie and buy tickets!

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