Spiky, Hairy, Shiny: Insects of L.A.

Are you ready to meet your tiny neighbors?

Come to the Natural History Museum and visit the exhibit: Spiky, Hairy, Shiny: Insects of L.A.

Every day, thousands of vibrantly colored insects whiz by under our noses. Some are furry and some are prickly, but most of the time their spectacular features are barely visible to the human eye.

For almost 10 years, people all over Los Angeles have helped staff from the Natural History Museum gather samples of these insects as part of the Museum’s BioSCAN project, resulting in a collection that will help track changes to L.A.’s climate.


  • See large-format photographs of local insects displayed next to life-size specimens
  • Listen to the sounds of L.A.’s insects across the span of a day
  • Learn more about the BioSCAN projectAlong the way, we’ve captured images of startling beauty and rich textures. Come visit Spiky, Hairy, Shiny and take a peek at this hidden world.

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Date: APRIL 1, 2021 – APRIL 1, 2022


Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 9:30 am to 5 pm

Tuesday: closed

Price: Free with Museum Admission (+$15) / Free for Members (Become a Member!)

Phone: +12137633466


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