Top Korean BBQ restaurants part 2

Here is the promised second part of the best Korean BBQ restaurant you’ll find in LA:

Kang Ho-dong Baekjeong

This extremely smoky restaurant has an ambiance that resembles the myriad BBQ spots in Seoul – low-flung tables with stellar meat and pristine banchan that focuses more on quality than quantity. The galbi and beef cuts are generously portioned and perfect for sharing, getting grilled on open grates that are all the rage in the best KBBQ places. The pork neck is the real treat – long, fatty pieces that firm up on the grill and get an addictive chew.

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Magal BBQ

Magal BBQ is part of a prolific Korean juggernaut with over 480 restaurants worldwide, mainly in Asia. Magal BBQ packages enticing 2-3 person combos that revolve around either beef or pork. Beef combines skirt meat with paper-thin Prime brisket endpoints, Prime boneless short rib, marinated Prime short rib, eel, grilled prawns, grilled rice cake cylinders, grilled mushrooms, boneless short rib sushi torched tableside, and soybean paste soup with beef brisket. Their pork combo is no less thrilling, teaming skirt meat with pork belly, special neck meat, marinated collar, and the same accompaniments. To finish, order “volcano” fried rice with sesame oil, nori, and a surrounding sea of egg. Yuk ka jang is a spicy shredded beef soup with leeks and glass noodles.

Phone: +12133831909

Oo-Kook BBQ

This an all-you-can-eat restaurant which quality of meat compares to the best in Koreatown. The best cut might be the tender but flavorful skirt steak, but the signature thin slices of chadol baegee, beef short ribs, are probably the best in town. The pork belly, probably the second most popular all-you-can-eat order, is no slouch either, resulting in terrific seared pieces that remain unctuous and chewy with every bite.

Phone: +12133855665

Park’s BBQ

Without a doubt, Parks BBQ is renowned as one of the top Korean restaurants in Los Angeles for providing the finest quality and taste of Korean cuisine. Park’s BBQ with its high quality USDA Prime and Kobe style beef, you’ll understand why so many people return to their restaurant. They are committed to providing our patrons with the most delicious and authentic Korean cuisine made with the finest ingredients. The piece de resistance of any meal here is the kkot ssal, which stands for flower cut, referring to the highly marbled cuts of short rib that resemble A5 Wagyu beef.


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Phone: +12133801717

Quarters Korean BBQ

Located in the historical Chapman Plaza, QUARTERS is the premiere Korean BBQ restaurant in Los Angeles. The landmark plaza was built in the early 1900’s and was the first auto mall of its kind. Designed in the classic Spanish Revival style, Chapman Plaza is replete with ornate archways, thick concrete walls and an inner courtyard open to the California sky. QUARTERS is a full-service Korean BBQ restaurant with an inventive menu designed to grab all of your senses’ attention. Diners are encouraged to taste a wide array of dishes by ordering quarter-pound portions of meat or tapas off the menu. Whether it’s classic Galbi Beef or the Spicy Back Rib Fondue, QUARTERS has something for everyone and is sure to delight those who want a true Korean BBQ experience or to just grab a drink to hang out.


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Phone: +12133658111

Soowon Galbi

Soowon Galbi boasts high-quality, prime grade meat served in a dark, intimate dining room. There’s the succulent kkot ssal, thin strips of tender, fatty short rib, as well as more moderately priced jumulluk, short rib chunks that are lightly marinated in garlic and sesame oil. The Soowon wang galbi, the house special marinated short rib, comes out slightly salty, but packs a flavor punch once it gets a slight sear on the hot grill.

Phone: +12133659292

Yang San Bak

The meat quality is above average, but the variety that comes in the combos is very helpful for the newbie Korean BBQ enthusiast. Meat picks in the combo include thinly-sliced brisket, chunks of short rib, whole sirloin, marinated intestines, and thick-sliced pork belly. Even the service goes above and beyond, with a quick response on the small dining room floor to every whim. Another plus is that Yang San Bak stays open late every night until 2:00 a.m.


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Phone: +12133757933


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