Día de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever

The 22nd Annual Día de los Muertos festival at Hollywood Forever returns on Saturday October 30th 2021 featuring separate daytime and evening events.

“Dia de los Muertos” & “Noche de los Muertos” are two separate ticketed events, one daytime and one evening, allowing guests to experience a more intimate look at this year’s theme: THE RETURN OF QUETZALCOATL – EL REGRESO DE QUETZALCOATL

This year’s theme honors the plumed serpent Quetzalcoatl, and it’s sure to be a spectacular display, as always. But after taking last year off, the event is back with a pretty major change: It’s been split into two timed events.

Here’s how it works: Dia de los Muertos will open at 9am and start shooing away attendees at 3pm. Then at 5pm, the grounds will open back up for Noche de los Muertos until midnight.

The bulk of the programming is pretty similar between the two (though the music lineup is stronger in the evening thanks to a headlining set from Mon Laferte). So the real difference comes down to whether you want to see the altars in the daytime, which you can expect to be slightly less crowded, or in the evening, when you can see them glow and flicker but traditionally through pretty thick crowds.

You can find more info HERE!

Buy the tickets for Dia de los Muertos HERE!

Buy the tickets for Noche de los Muertos HERE!

Date: Saturday, October 30th 2021
Time: Dia de los Muertos – 9am to 3pm / Noche de los Muertos – 5pm to 12am
Price: Dia de los Muerto – $40 – $150 / Noche de los Muertos – $50 – $200
Phone: +13234691181

Source: timeout.com

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