The German pudding brand Dr. Oetker has brought a new exciting dessert shop Pudu Pudu to L.A. It’s located on Kinney Blvd where the “puddistas” are creating puddings while customers watch and slurp edible art creations.

Pudu Pudu Store

Look at these amazing flavors:

Midnight Mischief: Milk chocolate and Calamansi orange pudding, cocoa, triple chocolate curls and sticks.

Midnight Mischief

Wow In The Wild: Wild blueberry pudding, white chocolate curls, dusting of blueberry antioxidants, edible blossoms, fresh blueberries and raspberries

Wow In The Wild

Giggle In The Dark: Caramel-popcorn pudding caramel and fudge, puffed toffee popcorn, cocoa, sea salt and dark chocolate curls.

Giggle In The Dark

Sun Catcher: Spiced turmeric pudding, fresh pomegranate seeds, dusting of blue spirulina antioxidants, edible hibiscus flower and coconut crunch.

Sun Catcher

Cool Ocean Dip: Coconut-pineapple pudding, dusting of spirulina antioxidants, fresh and dried pineapple, coconut crunch.

Cool Ocean Dip

Butterfly In The Sky: Bourbon – vanilla pudding – as calming as a butterfly, green spirulina energy boost, banana cacao powder, chocolate curls, edible jasmine blossom.

Butterfly In The Sky

Spring Fling: A fruity pudding dessert. Strawberry pudding, pink & white chocolate curls, dusting of strawberry vitamins, edible flowers, fresh & dried strawberry.

Spring Fling


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See you there!